My Obsession with Sparkling Water.

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Hi Friends!


So, one of the things I started doing a while back was avoiding sugar in beverages. I'm not doing a great job at it, but I have managed to cut sodas out of my diet on all but the most special of occasions. 


I still use sugar, honey, maple syrup or some other sweetener in my coffee, and usually a bit of something in my tea depending on whether it's hot or iced, and what kind of tea it is. 


So, that basically leaves me with water. I love water, I drink it all the time. I drink filtered tap water, so it's basically unlimited. I'm just like my mother: I'll pour myself a glass, put it down and then forget where I put it as I putter around the house. 


But water gets boring.


I've always loved seltzer, bubbly water, flavored water, but never added sugar because that turns it into soda. Bonus: if you order seltzer water (maybe with lime?) at a restaurant, it's usually free.


I started out buying a huge package of La Croix at Costco, and it's delicious. It's a 3-pack of special flavors called Curate, which includes Cherry-Lime, Pineapple-Strawberry and (my favorite) Blackberry-Cucumber. But La Croix is kinda expensive. I bought it when it was on sale, but it's not always on sale (to my great disappointment). 


So, I tried the Kirkland brand ones, which come in a case with grapefruit, lemon and lime. Basic flavors, but still good. I was especially pleased because it doesn't have sodium, which gives it a weird flavor. I've tried some of the other store brands and they're awful, but the only difference I've found is the sodium. (Looking at you, Kroger.)


The other one I'm a fan of is the Simple Truth Organic, which I buy at Ralphs. Why is this store brand so much better than the other store brand when they're from the same store? I haven't tried all the flavors, and with the 'Rona, the stock at my local store can be a bit weird. I haven't even gotten all the flavors I've asked for. I didn't like the Lemongrass-Tangerine, but I am LOVING the Cucumber-Melon, and the Blackberry-Hibiscus is really good too.


I tried the Mango Bubly at a friend's place the other day and that was really good, too.


I have not tried any of the hard seltzers, mostly because I just don't drink very much. My husband and I stick to beer and wine, and even then most of the beer we drink is in Shandy form (half hefeweizen half lemonade).


I'll stick with my seltzer.


Love and bubbles,




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