What’s for Dinner?

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Due to the lockdown and Covid and the world just generally going to pot, I’ve had to plan meals much more frequently. 


When my husband and I were both still working, we honestly got take-out way more than I’d like to admit. Now though, that’s less of an option. Especially now, as cases continue to surge.


The way that I’d cook beforehand was to go to the grocery store, pickup whatever looked good and then try to figure out what to cook with it. I am ashamed to admit that more went to waste than I’d like. 


Since I have a lot more time on my hands than previously, I started trying to meal plan on a weekly basis. I think I downloaded like 3 or 4 different apps before settling on the one that I use now.


After trying it out, I settled on an app called “Plan to Eat.” It makes my life so much simpler.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat


They have both phone and iPad versions, as well as apps for Android devices (but I don’t use those, so I can’t comment on those versions of the app). There is also a web-version.


You can import recipes into it from websites like blogs, magazines or the Food Network, and pretty much everywhere else. I haven’t had a lot of luck importing recipes from instagram posts, but then again, those aren’t really webpages, are they?



When I do come across an IG post with a recipe I want, I can import it manually, along with any of my personal recipes. I just copy and paste or type in the ingredients and the instructions, and then add a photo. The photo isn’t mandatory, and I’ve added recipes as “place marker recipes” without instructions for dinners when I’m making something that I don’t need a recipe for (tacos, mashed potatoes, etc.). That way I can schedule mashed potatoes, and the potatoes show up on my shopping list.


There is a function that connects the app with one of the grocery delivery services, but I’ve never used it. I prefer my curbside pickup. There’s no extra delivery fees and I don’t have to tip, which means I don’t spend an extra $20 on $50 worth of groceries.


The only thing it doesn’t do (at all) is import recipes from photos. I totally get why they don’t do that though. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an incredibly complex programming, and there are lots of apps that attempt to do it, and you can import from there. I did an import from a cookbook, via the Adobe Scanner app, and it took me longer to edit all the mistakes than I would have spent typing it in the first place.


You should definitely sign up. There’s a free 30-day trial, and then it’s only like $39 a year. Plus, with Black Friday coming up, they’re doing half price for several days at the end of this month. 


I highly recommend it.


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